A UX strategy for France's top insurance company

Founded in 1934, MAIF is one of France’s leading insurance companies today. Since 2015 we’ve been working with this emblematic French institution to implement a UX culture and strategy for the digital era. And the digital user!
Close to 20user journeys designed
Over 60user tests conducted with stakeholders

Where we started

When our client came to us, MAIF was already renowned for the quality of the experience it delivered its clients and the relationship it built with them. So why come and see us?

It’s simple really: MAIF wanted to go further by making its User Experience a durable, tangible strategic asset. And we’re all for that!

Where we came in

If we wanted to make this ambition a reality, User Experience had to become an integral part of the company. Our job was to turn User Experience into a common in-house practice: by making it everyone’s #1 concern and a core MAIF value shared and lived by all, as well as by designing new omnicanal user journeys - ultimately turning MAIF into a truly Experience-driven organization. An Experience company.

How we did it

First things first: we started by totally immersing ourselves in MAIF’s proposed experience - a crucial step to analyze user needs and identify potential pain points experienced by stakeholders. We went on to create a set of proposed user journeys in collaboration with the MAIF team, thus carrying out our common vision for a renewed Stakeholder Experience.

We quickly created our very own EXPERIENCE FACTORY: a dedicated physical space inside MAIF where experts from FABERNOVEL INNOVATE and MAIF were brought together to work hand in hand. Based on an iterative approach the factory was powered by different work sessions - creation sprints, prototyping and testing – allowing us to quickly measure the products’ user value amongst potential users. In this way we were able to build the first visible elements of this whole new User Experience:

  • Designing new user experiences
  • Co-creating a new online account  
  • Co-creating (with FABERNOVEL TECHNOLOGIES) a mobile app at the heart of the client’s experience and relationship with MAIF  

Now that we had the User Experience figured out, the next step was obvious: we needed to focus on MAIF’s employees themselves and distribute this new User Experience approach to them as well. The efforts we had made thus far centered on the user were replicated and adapted to collaborators, so as to identify their needs and pain points and focus on creating an exceptional Collaborator Experience – mirroring the experience delivered to MAIF’s stakeholders.

Throughout the project, various sessions were organized internally to raise awareness on UX issues and design, successfully supporting the User Experience strategy implementation with a cultural perspective within MAIF.      

What happened

We were able to communicate our user-centric approach to the MAIF teams who successfully applied it in various lines of business within the company: information systems, project management, marketing, human resources…

Thanks to these efforts MAIF is gradually moving from its traditional conception model to one driven by the end-user – implying the implementation of new user-test and prototyping phases.

Thoughts on the project

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