Designing for emotion: our Business&Breakfast at the Palais de Tokyo

No doubt about it: experience - be it the user’s, the collaborator’s or the client’s - has become a strategic growth lever for today’s companies. But in a world where UX has become the basis of any strategic design project, our intuition is that experiences are becoming more and more similar, almost standardized. Our ambition is to help brands and service providers capture and exploit their difference. How ? By sprinkling a good dose of a secret ingredient which we are convinced will soon become the most valuable in any experience: emotion.
3keynote speakers from different fields: design, business and engineering
5connected broaches were designed and prototyped specifically for the event
400m2an exceptional room within one of Paris’s most fascinating museums

Emotion at the heart of tomorrow's experience design

The relevance of experience design as one of today’s most important strategic levers for any type of company has been amply demonstrated in recent years. Today, most experiences are simple, efficient, easy - all the better for us as users! But as these design principles turn into the indispensable standards of any output by brands and service providers, one can’t help but notice: all these experiences are becoming extremely similar. Almost indistinguishable.  

In June 2018 we held a special Business&Breakfast to address what we consider to be one of tomorrow’s most urgent design related challenges: to bring back emotion at the heart of any experience. Held in a private room of Paris’s museum of contemporary art, the Palais de Tokyo, the event itself was an experience to remember - all around us were the art pieces of 14 artists and craftsmen who worked together to create something definitely new. Emotion was all around us.

It's time to feel some chills!

So, just like these artists and craftsmen,  how can today’s companies and designers work together to create new, singular experiences and truly leave a mark on their users through their difference?

What is the key to unlocking emotion?

And how does one do it? 

We’ll give you one hint: today’s new interfaces (on which we wrote and documented a whole story on our blog back in April) play a certain role in making all of this possible today.

As for the rest, we’ll let you discover our findings in our keynote. Please contact us if you wish to talk more about this fascinating subject and discuss its meaning within your own company!

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