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GAFAnomics: research and studies to crack the new economy

Our studies focus on the new platforms that are transforming today’s businesses and aim to crack their models. Since 2014 FABERNOVEL studies are brought together in our GAFAnomics collection.
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How we started

In 2006 we started publishing studies for the open public, thus carrying out one of our missions: to make the digital revolution accessible and intelligible to all.

We see these studies as an opportunity to refine our knowledge on innovation topics, to take a step back and keep exploring digital, and to develop frameworks to guide our clients through their digital transformation.

With the arrival of the GAFA and the advent of a new network economy FABERNOVEL launched GAFAnomics in 2014: a new collection of open and understandable studies focused on analysing the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) as well as “unicorns”, Chinese tech giants and other companies that are remodelling our lives through digital.

What we do

What our studies aim to analyze are all of the competitive dynamics of today’s new economy, its performance factors and its development strategy. Our goal is to share this knowledge with decision makers, FABERNOVEL clients as well as with students and the media!

How we work

A team of 2 to 5 experts is put together to work on each study and is fully dedicated to the project over a period of roughly 3 months. The team’s first job is to choose a subject and an approach: either a monograph focusing on one company, or a cross-sectional study.

The next step is to research and collect all relevant info on the subject from different sources including media, academic works, analysis produced by think tanks or from content produced by colleagues at FABERNOVEL.

Last but not least: storytelling! We put a strong emphasis on defining a coherent and new editorial approach to our research to create a pleasurable reading experience on these strategic topics that are often so difficult to grasp.

An editorial committee proof reads the study and often makes a couple of recommendations, before passing the study onto the designers who give it its finished look!


Since the first launch in 2006, our studies have created an annual encounter for FABERNOVEL clients who use them as references. Business schools often use them to build their courses on the new economy. The numbers say it all: over 10.3 million vues!

Understanding the GAFA’s mechanisms for value creation (and destruction!) is crucial.
Joachim Renaudin
Co-author of our Uber and Tesla studies
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