Reporting live from 2024: our Business&Breakfast on the sports industry

With Paris’s official election as host to the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we wanted to take a closer look at this ground-breaking industry, its foreseeable transformations leading to 2024, and the Games’ innovation opportunities for our city. Our Business&Breakfast at brand new sports hub LA.SALLE.DE.SPORT asked the question on everyone’s minds: The sports industry is changing. Are you?
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The sports industry is changing. Are you?

In September 2017, Paris was officially chosen to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. After the initial wave of excitement passed over our city, one important question remained on its companies’ minds: how do we prepare for the event?

Our Business&Breakfast offered to tackle this tricky question by learning from the sports industry itself:

The sports industry is changing, and so is its whole ecosystem: transport, telecommunications, media…

In just over 40 years, sport – which used to designate an individual, private practice – blossomed into a multimillion worldwide industry, fast becoming a driving force of our society and economy. Sport’s inherent values of respect and tolerance as well as its federative power mean it is often considered “a microcosm of society” and, to be sure, it has always been a hotspot for innovation. A true technological and social “lab” …    

So how will the Games’ arrival in Paris accelerate the disruptions in the industry?

How can France’s leading companies gear up to its challenges and opportunities?

And what impacts can we expect on our businesses?  

These are just some of the questions our keynote “Paris 2O24: make way for the future” explores.

Presented at the brand new Parisian Sports Hub LA.SALLE.DE.SPORT.PARIS. by our Experience Design experts Boris Naguet De Saint Vulfran, Kévin Roirand and Thomas Borie in October 2017, it received a great response.

Paris 2024 : Make way for the future

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