There are no markets, only customers: our Business&Breakfast at STATION F

In a new economy ruled by GAFAs and often driven by their to-and-fros between industries, the limits between traditional markets have become more and more blurry. Our keynote helps you look out for new threats – and new opportunities - for your business!
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#1startup campus in the world: STATION F

So, what industry do you work in?

An easy question.

The answer? Not so much. 

Our economy is evolving and with it the traditional concepts we still associate to business: markets, competition, …

But what do these concepts actually describe in a world where Amazon is walking down London Fashion Week catwalks? Where Tencent has become the world’s first bank thanks to WeChat? And where Google is one-step away from becoming the automotive king?     

Our belief: there is no market, only customers

Our Business&Breakfast held at STATION F - the world’s biggest startup campus in the world - in March 2018 explored this new paradigm which we at FABERNOVEL INNOVATE use to shine a new light on today’s threats and opportunities for tomorrow’s businesses.

Our Senior Project Analysts Abderrahmane Chaoui and Mehdi Dziri (whose introduction to the subject was published in February: check it out here) presented their study on the matter, proving time and again that in today's economy, there are no markets, only customers.


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