Berlin Open Innovation Tour

Berlin Open Innovation Tour

Three days of engagement with Berlin’s startup ecosystem

Project / 2013


Ecosystem, Open Innovation, Startups

FABERNOVEL prepared three days of immersion in Open Innovation in Berlin for Edenred, the leader in prepaid corporate services. On the agenda: keynotes, case studies, meetings with startups and a day of prototyping.

Educate companies about the benefits of Open Innovation, and give them hands-on experience to see how Open Innovation can transform the way they do business.

Solution + Result:
We created the Berlin Open Innovation Tour for Edenred, the world leader in prepaid corporate services, in the German tech capitol’s atmosphere of openness.

We guided participants through two days of:

  • – keynotes on Open Innovation.
  • – meetings with startups.
  • – education on how to interact with communities.


Day three was a day of rapid prototyping held in an iconic Berlin coworking space. Participants defined projects and we assisted the teams as project facilitators. At the end of the day, participants used various media and materials to present a proof of concept (POC) to visualize the imagined service.

Several projects initiated during the Berlin Open Innovation Tour have continued internally at Edenred.

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