From tool to service : optimizing the naturalization process for the entire ecosystem

Project / 2014

Knight Foundation

Citizenship, User Experience, User Interface

The Knight Foundation asked FABERNOVEL to redesign the platform Citizenshipworks, to support the existing ecosystem and increase the efficiency of their actions.

Challenge: rethinking tools & processes between multiple stakeholders

The naturalization process is complicated, costly and can be risky for low-income population. Local and national organizations, non-profits, and individual pro bono workers are providing invaluable help to applicants across the country. But the naturalization assistance landscape has become scattered, making scaling a complex issue.

The Knight Foundation asked FABERNOVEL to redesign the platform Citizenshipworks, and related services, to support the existing ecosystem, and increase the efficiency of their actions.

Through field studies, interviews, and participative workshops, we identified pain points, needs & motivations of the different stakeholders. We then co-designed services and processes for the widest adoption. 

Result: from eclectic tools to a centralized self-sustaining service.

The result is a fully integrated platform.

– Empowering both legal assistance providers & applicants, for better online or offline actions.

– Allowing anyone to safely complete a naturalization application, at almost no cost, but with the right level of assistance at each step of the process.

– Centralizing large amounts of various legal content, yet providing easy access to personalized advices.

– Nurturing collaboration between advocates on individual cases, and a constant growth of shared information.

– Facilitating the coordination of multiple organizations in multiple locations, and increasing their efficiency for the benefits of a greater number of applicants.

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